3 Reasons Every South Florida Entrepreneur Should Invest in Video Marketing

In an area as congested as the tri-county region of South Florida, the competition is stiff in any business endeavor. Although tourism and hospitality are probably at the head of the pack as far as being fiercely competitive, any entrepreneur in South Florida will be up against a huge number of businesses in the same or similar markets. If you want to explode onto the scene to take the lead in your field, why not look at the benefits of video marketing? Here are three reasons why every entrepreneur in the tri-county region should invest in video marketing.

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1. Google Absolutely Loves Video

You might be asking yourself what you would do with a professional video production of your products or services. Actually, the Internet has taken over all other forms of advertising and the only way to get found quickly in a sea of competitors is to rank highly on the search engines, of which Google is the largest. Second to Google is YouTube leading the world in Internet searches, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Rank highly in the top two search engines by hiring a South Florida video production company to put together a professional video that will wow your audience.

2. Video Is Quick and Easy to Understand

Have you ever come upon a page of content that was reminiscent of a graduate textbook? Even after several readings of the same page, you haven’t a clue what they are talking about. Yes, sometimes it’s just bad writing, but usually, it’s because the information is foreign to you. You may be researching a new product or service you have no experience with, so it takes some time to assimilate what they are trying to convey. A video presentation is so much easier to understand because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Consumers can see an actual demonstration or live shot of the information you are trying to impart and will be less likely to bounce away in frustration.

3. Video Has Viral Potential

Then there is the fact that viral videos are some of the most popular online activities. Get the right South Florida video production company to shoot your video and with the right approach, you can go viral literally overnight. Can you imagine what this would do for building a brand? As an entrepreneur that is what you are trying to accomplish, so when a consumer searches for your products or services they automatically think of that cute, funny or highly informative video they saw last week on Facebook because it went viral from the moment it was uploaded.

If you still have any doubt as to just how effective video can be for entrepreneurs, take the time to browse YouTube to see just how many companies rose out of obscurity because of the videos they posted on their channel. Everyone loves a laugh and everyone needs information, but even more importantly, Google loves video and will rank you higher each time the crawler spots a video. Perhaps the best piece of advice you will ever be given as a fledgling entrepreneur is to use video – and lots of it!